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BBMM Baby Massage® Introduction

Thai massage is fundamentally different from Western-type massages, such as Swedish massage, in that while the masseur treats muscles and the body, the emphasis in Eastern culture is on the “free flow of energy pathways”.

Because the worldview of the Eastern people, is energy-based, they think that the origin of everything is energy, vibration, the matter is just a manifestation of this.

Traditional Thai massage is based on the body’s self-healing power, a complex method that promotes physical, mental, and spiritual harmony. It can be done anywhere, anytime, you don’t need anything to add to it.

It can be done with or without clothes. Unlike Western massages, Thai massage does not work the muscles, instead, it primarily activates the energies of the body.

If the child is healthy, the life energy flows unimpeded, but if it is blocked, the disruption of energy flow causes various diseases in the long run.

Baby massage is one of the applied forms of touch art, the system promotes the growth of the muscular system and the development of movement coordination.

Stimulates the functioning of vital organs (digestion, circulation, respiration).

It gives the baby good general well-being, a deep emotional bond develops between mother and child.

Becoming a parent is not an easy task. At such times, a person is overwhelmed by a lot of feelings, anxiety, joy, and tension, he encounters situations he has never seen before. And surely, when a parent is anxious, it permeates the baby as well, which has a devastating effect on adults and the little one as well.

Parents use a variety of natural methods to keep their children healthy and balanced.

BBMM Baby Massage works by harmonizing the entire body, releases the body’s self-healing mechanism and free energy flow.

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  5. Baby massage between 2-6 months opening and downloading
  6. Baby massage from 5-6 months to 1-2 years opening and downloading
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Agnes Baranyi – BBMM® massage

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